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About Rediff (NASSAQ:REDF) is one of the premier worldwide online providers of news, information, communication, entertainment and shopping services and more recently social networking.

To read more about the formal section of our company profile, please visit the investor section.

Our Story was founded in 1996, and was listed on NASDAQ in 2000. We have traditionally been a very popular portal with some of our achievements including the “lightening fast” email (Rediffmail) which swept the market over a decade ago when many Indian house-holds were using dial-up connections.

We are also loved tremendously for our news section, that shows breaking news headlines, movies, sports (especially cricket) and so much more! Our usage pattern graphs (mostly a flat straight line) tell us that we are frequented throughout the day and not just during lunch or after-office hours - a welcome testimonial of being useful and being on top of our users' minds throughout the day. Amongst the last few years, we grew on our moneyiz (stocks) service too. Further, we are the only place that gets LIVE (real-time) feed directly from the stock exchange (BSE). We also have several other popular services around, such as photos, videos, music as well as (ishare, songbuzz) and so on! Finally, we have an elaborate shopping section too! All in all - we are super-useful and have a well-deserved place in the minds of Indian users around the country the world!

More recently, we introduced MyPage- the user's networking destination on Our users have always been highly interactive on message boards of our news articles, in the Q&A forum, on Blogs and several other “pockets” across However, MyPage has given them a central location to consolidate all their conversations. All their activities across get published as a feed to their MyPage where friends can comment. This is an added incentive that can allow a user to get more friends and their family on board. We also have Pages where users can follow their favorite celebrities, causes, events, movies, brands and topics, thus bringing the user's entire social world into his MyPage feeds. MyPage, has thus become the social networking destination on and we have successfully introduced “social” in our other-wise portal image.

As our next step, we are aiming at bringing a “fun” element to our “useful” portal aura through games/social apps, and that's why this apps platform. We only provide the platform. The creativity to engage the users, will come from you, the game owners! So, do you want to bring your games to our audience?

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