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When the User Loads an App...

The illustration below outlines the process followed each time an App is loaded.


  1. When an App is loaded, a call is made to the 3rd party developer’s server. For example, when the Share Your Mood App is loaded, the Rediff Apps server makes a call to, which is the callback URL for this App.
  2. Calls to 3rd party developer’s server from the Rediff Apps server:
    1. Whenever an App is loaded, the Rediff Apps server sends an Initialization XML(as shown below) in the POST field to the App's callback URL. The Initialization XML will have the following structure.
      <?xml version="1.0"?>

Also X-REDF-UID, X-REDF-AUTHKEY, X-REDF-UAUTH variables is set in Header.

  1. All calls from the App should go to the 3rd party developer’s server i.e. Callback URL, or to other Rediff Services, such as MyPage or Pages.
  2. The 3rd party developer’s server will build the App using the data and patterns from the Rediff API server.
    note_icon_3.jpgAll calls to the Rediff API server should include the user’s ID, the Apps AuthKey and the AppKey.
  3. The App built in (Step 3) will be returned to the Rediff Apps server.
  4. The Rediff Apps server renders your App in the user’s window.

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