Rules of Fair Play

We adopt a USER-FIRST strategy and encourage our app developers to follow the same. Our primary aim is to increase our user-base for our apps. The monetization bits for the same can be figured out at a later stage. We strongly discourage apps that can confuse or mislead a user through advertisments and irrelevant long loading sequences. As a result, we do not approve or publish apps that do not follow our best practices.

Respect User's Priorities

You need to ensure that your apps create an interest in the minds of the users and make them want to revisit your apps time and again. Forget the short-term revenue gains and adopt the USER-FIRST strategy. In other words, delight the user with your apps and we will help you monetize later. For example, we are working hard to popularize the PlayGully game. The initial results are promising. With the USER-FIRST strategy, your support and our togetherness, we can achieve the strongest user-base for our apps. To achieve this goal:

  • Game should start loading immediately. However, if you have other sections around the game, they can be programmed to load later. Do not test the user's patience with the long loading progress. This would result in losing the user's patience and they may exit from the game before it actually loads.
  • Display a significant progress indicator so that the user is aware about the loading progress.
  • Display a prominent and single PLAY button (no Ads containing Play buttons, strictly)
  • Do not put unnecessary banners above the game area. The game should be displayed upfront so that the user is not required to scroll through the page to view and play the game.
  • Use the space below the game to display instructions for the games, friends' scores, achievements etc. In addition, you can also provide an option to the user to publish a feed. This can be done easily with just two lines of code and you get viral spread.
  • If you wish to include “Download now” links, place it below the app or at the end of the game.

Respect User's Privacy

  • Do not store any information about the user other than his/her User ID. Rediff will provide you with the UserID of your App's user upon request.
  • Do not ask the user to register on your website and do not perform user registration inside the App.
  • Do not ask the user to enter any personal information other than the information that is required for your App's functionality.

Respect Rediff's Platform

  • Do not take the user outside the canvas. You can link only to your Page on Rediff Pages.
  • Apps should not contain any advertisements.
  • Apps should not perform any monetary transactions.

Respect the Law

  • You must be the rightful owner/licensee of all content displayed in the App.
  • App should adhere to all the laws. For example, any unethical and illegal content, such as pornographic content must not be allowed, etc.

Technical Rules

  • The callback URL should not return a 3XX error
  • The App cannot contain code which would interfere with the streamlined user experience outside the App canvas.
  • The App canvas, though belonging to the App, should not contain JavaScript document.redirect, document.reload, parent or window references, or rewriting the URL of the iframe/window, or any such calls which might be construed as impropriety.
  • The App cannot make calls to any domain other than to the domain associated with the callback URL, AJAX or otherwise.
  • The App should only make calls to the APIs that they are permitted to use. Any attempt of inappropriate/unauthorized usage of the APIs is strictly forbidden.

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