How to Create an App

To develop an application for the Rediff Apps platform, you have to go through the standard lifecycle of an App, as detailed below:


As the developer of an App, you need to:

Register the App

To register the App:

  1. Click the Create your App button located on the Rediff Apps homepage as shown.
    The Create a new app page appears as shown.
  2. Register your App by filling the Create a new app form as shown below and click the Register your App button.
  3. The Rediff Apps server generates an Authentication (aka AuthKey) and an AppKey that will be unique to your App. You will receive the registration details which contains the AuthKey and AppKey as shown. In addition, you will also receive an email on successful registration.
  4. Once the registration process is complete, you can click the Continue to the Dashboard button to access the dashboard.

Verify the Callback URL

To verify the callback URL:

  1. Send a request to from your callback URL using your AuthKey and the AppKey. This verifies your App and you will be able to test it on For instructions on how to verify your callback URL, please visit the How to Verify Your Callback URL page.
  2. Integrate the Rediff APIs in your App. You need to send your AuthKey and AppKey in every request you make to use the Rediff API.
    note_icon_3.jpgYou will not be able to use our API until your callback URL is verified.
    note_icon_3.jpg If your callback URL is incorrect, you can Change your Callback URL from the dashboard.

Test in the Sandbox

After you have integrated the Rediff APIs with your App, you can now test it in the Sandbox. The Sandbox is a place where you can test your App from the perspective of a Rediff user.

Submit the App

After you have completed testing your App in the Sandbox, you can submit it to Rediff for review.

Publish the App to the World!

If Rediff accepts the App, it appears in the gallery. You can now invite people to use your App. You need to invite people to use your App and start building your own audience.
If Rediff rejects the App, you will get the reasons for rejection. You can make the necessary changes, and resubmit the App. You can also choose to delete the App from Rediff Apps.

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