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The Rediff Apps Platform

Rediff—a pioneer in Indian online space—is extending its social networking platform to the world through Rediff Apps. As a developer, you can use the Rediff Apps platform to integrate your Application (aka Apps) into Rediff’s social networking platform, and make them accessible to Rediff users across the world.

The Rediff Apps platform consists of:

  • Rediff API A set of XML and pattern APIs that you can use to retrieve the information from Rediff's Eco-system, and perform actions on Rediff's Social Platform.
  • Rediff Apps The main server where you register, test, and publish your Apps. In addition, millions of Rediff users across the globe will use this space to discover and use your Apps.

As mentioned above, Rediff API contains Patterns for performing certain actions inside an App. To read more about Patterns, view the What is a Pattern? section.

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