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Work with the App Canvas

The App canvas is the place where all your HTML content is rendered and displayed. As a result, the Apps should adhere to the HTML standards. A snapshot of the App canvas is shown below.


While working with the App canvas, you must keep the following restrictions in mind.

  • The size of the App canvas should have a width of no more than 800 pixels
  • You cannot insert any links within the canvas except Rediff's URL and callback domain. The App cannot make calls to any domain other than to the domain associated with the callback URL, AJAX or otherwise.
  • You cannot access any page element outside the App canvas.
  • The App canvas, though belonging to the App, should not contain JavaScript document.redirect, document.reload or any such calls which might be construed as impropriety.
  • The App cannot contain code which would interfere with the streamlined user experience outside the App canvas.

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